Trailer Park Boys Board Game

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a Trailer Park? Well now you can with the Official Trailer Park Boys Board Game. The Plan – Freedum 35. Relive your favorite episodes as one of twelve characters! Rip each other off or work together. Start up a night club, star in a porno or get in a shoot out! Pull off different scams like stolen shopping carts, recycled bbqs or siphoned gas. Along the way, fool Sam Losco, trick Cyrus or outsmart Lahey! Dodge the cops while trying to grow dope in your very own trailer. Get your grade 10 or play hockey in Jail. Harvest your Outdoor and ride to riches on the Swayze Express! Make enough money to buy the Trailer Park and win the game!

This game is not your typical $20 big box store mass produced shithawk.

It includes 13 Collectable Figurines, hundreds of cool cards and tokens, a high quality over-sized game board, lots of other cool shit and even your Grade 10!

Worst Case Ontario this game is a true TPB collectible!

If you want to get real messy check out our Party Rules!

Need a copy of the rulebook? Download the Rules!