Vikings Raid & Conquer

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Raid & Conquer is based on the Hit TV series, VIKINGS. This strategic deck building card game is designed to bring out the ‘Viking’ in any fan and even challenge the most skilled gamers. Experience the life and times of an ambitious Viking in the course of an hour. There are shaky alliances and brutal betrayals. You can battle each other or work together and travel to newly discovered lands to Raid and Pillage. Are you willing to share the plunder when you’re in command?

Your goal is to become the next Viking Legend. Go on Raids, attack other Characters and collect treasure. The game ends when a player has collected 5 Raid Cards. This does not mean that the player has won has won the game. Rather, all Players now count their Treasure cards and add up their Raid cards.

If you are the player with the most Legend Points, you become Viking King and win the game of Raid & Conquer! The stories of your bravery and ambition will be told for generations to come. You have secured your seat in Odin’s Great Hall of Valhalla. And there… you will feast with the Gods!

This is Season 1, Episode 1 of your VIKING adventure. What happens next… is up to you...